10% off brands of the week

10% off brands of the week

10% off brands of the week
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    10% off for order over $60 USD  Limited time offer

    10% off for order over $60 USD Limited time offer

    10% off for order over $60 USD
    On Going Offer
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    50% off Anti-Aging Retinol Vitamin A Facial Serum

    50% off Anti-Aging Retinol Vitamin A Facial Serum

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    50% off Anti-Aging Collagen Facial Serum

    50% off Anti-Aging Collagen Facial Serum

    iherb promo code - (Limit of 1 per order)
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    about iherb promo code

    IHerb discounts are waiting for you

    What do you know about iHerb?

    IHerb is an American company that serves customers all over the world since 1996, it ships its products to more than 150 different countries, it’s built on providing a wide selection of health and wellness products to individuals around the globe at a reasonable cost.

    The company has an extensive online shopping site that sells a wide range of health and care products including nutritional supplements, cosmetics, bath products, groceries, snacks and beverages, household items, cleaning products, baby products, pet products, comprehensive health products and much more.

    iHerb site features

    • The site has some products that are not available in many countries.
    • IHerb is also very convenient when you are a traveler, as you can get your specific products without worrying about when and how I will find them in an unknown location, especially when it comes to cosmetics, stock products, and nutritional supplements, and this also means that you will save more space & weight for other items in your suitcase.
    • IHerb ships to 150 countries and accepts more than 20 currencies.
    • IHerb has a very smart marketing planner and if you are using IHerb for the first time, make sure you will get discounts via coupons.
    • Every time you buy something on IHerb, you get 10% reward credit on your current order to use on your next purchase.
    • If you submit a large order, the chances forgetting a few things will be high, therefore in just few days these items are practically free because of the rewards that you get from the big purchase. And don’t worry about missing your rewards the credit lasts for 60 days you will have  enough time to take advantage of it.

    Videos for different people purchasing from iHerb 

    Important information about purchasing from iHerb:

    Here are a number of tips that can help you to get a successful shopping experience, especially if you are a beginner in dealing with the site:

    Download the iHerb app:

    At first I thought the app would be complicated, since I will be shopping constantly but in fact, it was the opposite of what I expected, when I’m at work and realize that I need something, I can easily add it to my shopping cart and they stay there until I’m ready to actually place the order, also you can use the app to share items with your social network or via email or WhatsApp, along with using the app to search for products easily and save your favorite products.


    When I add something to my wish list, they will suggest similar products that might be better, and it’s very useful especially for items that are not in stock, and you can add any product you like to your wish list to prevent any additional hassles like searching again when you are ready to order. Always, a wishlist makes it very easy to remember those things you often forget and you can run your wishlist before placing an order.

    In iHerb app it is very easy to rearrange:

    In the “Order History”, you can review all the items that you have purchased and add them to your current basket. You can modify the quantity of the item, also you can easily add new items. Make sure to check your Wish List to see if there are items you want to find or try to add extra weight or offset the total cost for free shipping.

    Earn extra credit by sharing an iHerb discount code:

    Share iHerb discounts with your family and friends because if you present a new product to your friends and family that they have’t purchased before, you can easily create a quick code in the “Create links” box in Iherb, then you can go to any product you like and create your own link, meanwhile you can earn Credit which lower your purchase prices on future orders.

    Popular items often run out of stock so be sure to purchase them first before sharing them.

    Be very specific in your search:

    Online shopping can be confusing at times due to the sheer number of options and products, especially on a site like IHerb, if you search for “snacks”, hundreds of results will appear, and most of it may not suit your requirements.

     tracking the new brands and products:

    When you review the search results, there are often many products and brands that you don’t know about. Right-click on the result and open a new tab with the products that interest you so you can review them in more details, instead of going back and forth between search results, then browse each tab to learn more about the brand and review ingredients. If you like the product, you can add it to your wishlist. This is how you can check every food product, cosmetic and supplement that you want to buy.

    Don’t forget to check out the iHerb discounts:

    Before checking out, always make sure to check out IHerb specials, there are plenty of them. Check out the Daily Deal, a one-time offer for a specific product – the link is always at the right top of the site page, in addition try the trial pricing section where you can get two samples of the offered product for promotion, this way you can get a lot of great deals, and finally there is the special offers page where You can find all current discounted products.

    Be smart about shipping costs

    Another advantage of IHerb is that it provides free shipping most of the time, IHerb offers free shipping for any order that costs $ 20 or more, and the shipping discount is applied automatically during the payment process, along with the shipping fees vary from one country to another and you can contact customer service to find out The amount of the shipment, and be sure to check the emails sent from the site with special shipping offers.

    iHerb discounts

    Visit our website from time to time you will find discount codes To save money when you purchase the health products  that you need, look for the best discount coupons and apply them.

    Frequently asked questions about iHerb

    How do I get discounts on my orders?

    You can choose the suitable IHerb discounts for you, from the coupons we have.

    What are the payment methods that are available in iHerb?

    IHerb accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, and recently they made it possible to pay with PayPal

    How long does the shipping time take after completing the purchase?

    The shipping time varies from one country to another, but the shipping time usually ranges between 4 days to 4 weeks for Arab countries.

    Are there customs should be paid on the orders?

    Yes, and it differs from a country to another.