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Get FREE SSL Certificate

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    FREE Domain Name for 1st Year

    FREE Domain Name for 1st Year

    bluehost coupon FREE Domain Name for 1st Year
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    Get 48% Off for web hosting

    Get 48% Off for web hosting

    Get 48% Off for web hosting bluehost coupon
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    about bluehost coupon

    bluehost coupon

    Get FREE SSL Certificate Bluehost Coupon

    With bluehost coupon, you will be able to obtain a free SSL certificate with the hosting plan. Many companies offer a certificate of protection at an additional cost, but with our coupon you will get it for free.

    FREE Domain Name for 1st Year Bluehost Coupon

    This bluehost coupon will give you a free domain for a full year when you subscribe to one of the hosting plans offered by bluehost and this offer is also not offered to you by many companies except after paying an additional value with the basic price of hosting.

    Get 48% Off for web hosting Bluehost Coupon

    We offer you bluehost coupon, which is a special offer through which you will be able to get a 48% discount on the price of the various hosting plans offered by the company, and we advise you to subscribe for the longest possible period because this discount is available to new subscribers only.

    About bluehost

    Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting providers among hosting companies, it operates over two million websites from all over the world and is one of the hosting companies recommended by WordPress. It is one of the reasons that led to the success of this company.

     Bluehost provides many services, most notably hosting services of various kinds, which are shared hosting, VPS hosting, wordpress hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated server hosting.

      High quality hosting:

    One of the most important factors for your site’s success and its ranking in search engine results is the hosting company you use. How is that?

    Responsible for storing, protecting, processing and displaying your site’s data is the hosting company, which determines the speed of displaying the content on your site’s pages, what time it takes to display the first image or text on the page, and how long it will take for the visitor to interact with your site, as Google has officially stated that these are Google Factors are one of the main reasons on which your site is ranked in the search engine, and Google will definitely not show you a slow and poorly performing website in the first results while there are other better options, and let’s not forget to keep the quality of the content in mind.


    The competition is very strong between hosting companies and every company seeks to provide its best to give its users the best experience and for Bluehost it works to provide high speeds. Bluehost servers use modern technologies to ensure excellent performance.

    Many users say that Bluehost is not the fastest hosting but gives good results, as some estimate that the first server time is less than 200 milliseconds on average and is in fact a satisfactory result for many.

    If you want a successful website, speed and performance levels should be appropriate for a small or medium sized website as long as you do not use a lot of resources and you do not have high traffic.

    And always remember that the quality of the hosting that you use directly affects the ranking of your site in the search results, and that slow speeds will lead to the loss of a large number of traffic.

    There is an important point that must be taken care of before subscribing to any hosting, and it is the percentage of operation that is responsible for the amount of your site’s connection to the Internet, in other words it is the ability to access your site or not.

    As for hosting bluehost, it does not provide guarantees for the employment rate, but it says it offers a very high operating rate. If you are considering subscribing, we advise you to use the bluehost coupon that we presented to you at the beginning of the article.

    Also, runtime is one of the things that may cause concern for many website owners, because the lower the percentage of runtime, the weaker the time that your site will be down.

    Operating time can be a big problem due to sudden increases in traffic, so we always advise you to develop the possibility of moving to higher plans than you use because you may consume your share of resources and your site may stop at any moment.

    Customer Support

    Bluehost provides good, 24/7 customer service via phone, live chat and via email. Customer service may be excellent at many and at the same time some may consider it not perfect.

    Because some users complain about the response times of support, which some may consider a defect of this company, and the reason may be the number of company employees compared to the number of customers at bluehost.

    Before you go to contact technical support, you may find answers to your questions in the explanations and educational lessons provided by the company, which are explanatory information to help you host your website and manage it in the right way.

    Bluehost web hosting

    Shared Hosting

    It is dedicated to hosting more than one site on one server so that the capabilities of the server are divided between the participating sites in it, meaning that your site will share the resources of the server with other sites, this plan from BluHost is characterized by better resources compared to the same plan from other hosting companies.

    WordPress Hosting

    It is a dedicated hosting for those who work on the WordPress platform, and has many enhanced features and compatible with the platform, BlueHost also provides another set of WordPress packages with higher capabilities and its name is WP Pro.

    VPS Hosting

    It is intended for medium and large sites and for those who want to perform better and is more expensive, more resource and safer than shared hosting. One of the most important advantages of VPS hosting is the ability to log into Root.

    eCommerce hosting

    It is intended for those wishing to create websites for e-stores and this hosting mainly supports the WooCommerce platform and provides you with ways to receive money from your site’s customers for your product or service.

    Dedicated Hosting

    This hosting is the most powerful in terms of performance as it provides you with the ability to reserve your entire server without sharing it with anyone, and it is dedicated to the owners of large sites who are looking for high performance and more ability to control resources, and is more expensive than hosting the virtual server.


    Bluehost seeks to provide all the services related to hosting, including the service of buying a domain name or as it is called the domain name of the site, a service such as that provided by the GoDaddy website, and also provides an automatic renewal feature to avoid losing the domain after the end of the subscription period.

    Marketing Services

    They are paid services and consulting to help website owners in designing their sites and guiding them to the proper ways to market them and improve their performance. These services are represented in 4 main services: Integrated site service – SEO services – PCC services – Site relay service.

    A WordPress expert advice service called Blue Sky

    It is a paid service dedicated to seeking expert advice from the WordPress platform to help you build, develop and manage your WordPress site step by step.

    Bluehost hosting benefits

    The hosting companies are very many, and each of them is characterized by a set of services that would attract new customers. Here are the most important advantages of hosting Bluehost:

    Free domain for the first year:

    Unlike many hosting companies, when you purchase any hosting, you will be given a free BluHost domain for the first year without increasing any expenses over the original hosting price, and after your first year you will have to pay the cost of renewing the domain once every year.

    bluehost and WordPress

    BlueHost has a strong relationship with the WordPress platform that has lasted for years as BlueHost collaborated on developing the WordPress platform throughout this period, which prompted WordPress to announce in an official statement that it advises users of its platform to choose to host BlueHost and ranked it as one of the best high-performance options and that was since 2005, and also provides BlueHost Automatically install hosting feature and automatic updates to the WordPress platform.

    Uptime playback rate:

    It is one of the most important points that must be taken care of before choosing any hosting, and for me in the event that this percentage is not high, it is sufficient reason to abandon the services of any hosting company, and the simplified definition of the uptime is the amount of time in which your site is available online for visitors i.e. the server is running Your site works all the time without interruption or breakdowns.

    And it is assumed that the rate of uptime is not less than 99% because the lower the 1%, the more your site will stop showing for about 7 hours each month. Of course, you do not want such problems to happen.

    As for Bluehost, it says that it always seeks to provide the best results with regard to this aspect, and according to my research in a good number of reviews in foreign sites, I found that many site owners say that the average percentage of operating during the year is 99%, and this means that your site will be available Almost all the time.

    Free coupons for Google and Microsoft ads:

    BlueHost will give you an added advantage when purchasing certain hosting packages, which are $ 200 coupons that you can use in Google ads and Microsoft ads, and the value of each coupon is $ 100.

    Important note: These coupons are valid for new accounts in Google ads and Microsoft ads and you will have to spend $ 25 on ads to get $ 100 in the mentioned sites, and this will definitely help you to bring new visitors to your site and you will be able to attract targeted people interested in your service or product.

    Free SSL Certificate:

    Some hosting companies offer this certificate at an additional cost, but BlueHost provides it within the price of hosting in all packages. The SSL certificate provides an encrypted and secure connection between the site’s visitors and the hosting server for your site. This will definitely increase the confidence of visitors and the Google search engine for your site, as the Google Chrome browser has started. Google Chrome classifies any site that does not have this certificate as an insecure site, and if you want to know the safe and unsafe site, watch the link of the site you are browsing if you find a code for the lock tag and the site link uses https then this means that the site is safe, but if you find that the site domain uses a protocol http, this means that the site is not secure.

    CPanel Control Panel:

    BlueHost supports cPanel and can be defined as a panel with tools that make it easy for site owners to control and manage their sites by providing an easy-to-use graphical interface that contains a set of important tools related to security, statistics, files, databases, domain management, emails and many other tools.

    Possibility to expand to larger packages:

    If you become a large audience, this will mean an increase in the number of visitors to your site and an increase in the interaction and amount of data transmission, therefore you will need to obtain hosting with greater specifications that can work efficiently even in the presence of a large number of visitors throughout the day and Bluehost provides you with many hosting services that have been mentioned in The beginning of this article.

    Is Bluehost the right choice?

    If you want to create a site on the WordPress platform and are looking for a hosting company that provides excellent services at reasonable prices, BlueHost will be one of the excellent recommended options from WordPress itself that you can rely on in this regard.

    As for the rest of the plans, this depends on your budget and the resources that suit you, but in general Bluhost is considered one of the most popular and well-known companies, and this matter alone is enough to make many people choose it on this basis.

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