VideoDashboard Video Marketplace Site Builder $44 One Time Payment

VideoDashboard Video Marketplace Site Builder $44 One Time Payment

VideoDashboard Video Marketplace Site Builder $44 One Time Payment
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    About Social media management

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    Social networking sites are platforms dedicated to social communication between individuals and each other, and of course anywhere on the Internet there is a gathering and interest of individuals, that place is one of the places that we target in our e-marketing strategies, and one of the most important of these sites is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and of course if you want that service you will be looking for social media account management companies

    Social media management

    Video dashboard will provide social media management services, i.e. managing your commercial accounts in terms of:

    • Create a professional and distinctive graphic design that expresses your services and products and is attractive to your potential customers
    • Create a distinctive video to present your services and products in an elaborate and professional manner
    • Writing textual content with creative ideas to provide your services and other content to display general information related to your field of services to make interaction on social media accounts
    • Responding to followers’ questions and comments
    • Achieving the highest social media viewership

    Social media management includes the following stages:

    • Study and analyze the digital situation of institutions.
    • Defining the services provided by the concerned authorities.
    • Set and define strategic goals for launching advertising and marketing campaigns.
    • Defining and analyzing the target audience.
    • Identify competitors and analyze their study mechanism and presence on social media platforms.
    • Choose the right marketing channels for your target audience.
    • Identify the key messages and style of communication.
    • Writing rich and innovative content.
    • Managing reputation and preparing a crisis management plan.
    • Provide guidance and analysis.
    • Provide statistics and reports to measure what has been achieved.

    Marketing on Facebook by video dashboard coupon

    Facebook is widely distributed in the Arab and European countries due to its ease of use and spread around the world, where Facebook has become one of the most important marketing methods currently available, you can achieve a large percentage of sales through it only, and through Videodashboard you will be able to manage your Facebook page in a distinctive way and create Ads funded through it with targeting the correct category through which you will achieve the highest sales.

    Marketing on Twitter by video dashboard coupon

    Twitter is the most widespread social networking site in the Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Emirates, so if you target your customers in a Gulf country, you can create a funded advertisement through Twitter with the correct targeting to achieve a lot of sales, and we also manage Twitter accounts with the hashtag writing Ad hoc and follow the trend in an ongoing way to use the hashtag, which will achieve a unique view and interaction rate for your account

    Marketing on Instagram by video dashboard coupon

    Instagram has grown in importance in recent years, with more than 700 million monthly active Instagram users, including 500 million daily active users, and 250 million daily story feature users.

    Managing social media, step by step

    Now let’s get started putting together the complete strategy, and tools you need to start using social media in the right way.

    Determine your goal to be on social media

    Determining the goal of using social media sites – whether you are working on your own project, or helping an employer or business to reach a specific goal – is essential.

    Goal setting is very important for several reasons, the most important of which are:

    • Determine the outlines of the content you will publish and its quality.
    • Determine the amount of effort required to publish and follow up this content.
    • Determine the roles required of the manager of social media accounts.
    • Knowing the data that needs to be tracked and collected to ensure that these goals are achieved.

    Determine your target audience

    This is one of the most important steps in the process of managing social media accounts, as what is meant here is to collect all the data that draws the personality of the audience you are targeting.

    Before we mention what this data is, let me emphasize the importance of this step. When you get to know more about your target audience, you will achieve the following:

    • You will understand the type of content that works best for your audience.
    • You will increase the engagement on the content you post because you are addressing the audience in their language and interests.
    • You will build lasting relationships with your audience, making them loyal to your brand, and that means more profits now and in the future.
    • You will get people’s reactions to what you have to offer, which helps you to continually improve.
    • You will get quick results on your efforts.

    Rate your current position on social media

    This step is essential whether you already have social media accounts, or intend to embark on this journey.

    So all you have to do is:

    • Evaluate all the data on your social media accounts (websites you are on – number of followers – average interaction with each post – post rate – response speed to customers).
    • Rate the content you have been submitting (or have been considering submitting) with the characters you have drawn for your target audience.
    • Identify the people responsible for managing social media.
    • Looking at the possibilities that you intend to provide for the means of communication (working hours – the budget, especially if you are thinking about ads) according to your goals.

    This step will make you stand on solid ground, and will make you draw the first features of your strategy on social media, as it will make you compare your current position with the results you will achieve in the near future.

    Determine which social media is best for you

    What do you think is best for someone who works in law and legal affairs and wants to increase their profits:

    • To have an Instagram account?
    • To own a Facebook account?
    • To have a LinkedIn account?

    I think you agree with me that the answer is LinkedIn, this is simply because businessmen, employees and business owners are on this platform, and they are the target audience.

    This is what you have to decide for yourself, for example do you think that a company like Dove for hair and skin care products is more important for it to be on YouTube and Facebook or on LinkedIn?

    This does not mean that you cannot be on all platforms, in fact Dove can be on LinkedIn and achieve good results, but we are talking about priorities.

    It depends on the previous steps in which you defined your audience, the places, the type of content they prefer, and your capabilities.

    Create quality content using the best tools and resources

    Creating good content does not require expensive tools and sophisticated programs, all you can do is to use all the resources available to you in the best possible way.

    In order to create good content, keep the following in mind:

    • Content should be beneficial to the audience and generate a benefit – even if it’s just a smile?
    • Monitor the content of your competitors and the big companies in your industry so that you get some inspiration.
    • Always maintain your brand.
    • Always present in the content a practical proof of the quality of what you offer (pictures from reality – videos of your customers thanking them for what you provide).
    • The content must be commensurate with the platform on which it is being launched (for example: Facebook videos can be long – but Instagram prefers quick videos).
    • Do not have more content directly promoting your services than more tips and advice for your audience.

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